Yair Listokin

Deputy Dean and Shibley Family Fund Professor of Law

J.D., Yale Law School, 2005

Ph.D., Princeton University, 2002

M.A., Princeton University, 2000

A.B., Harvard University, 1998

Courses Taught
  • Federal Income Taxation
  • Contracts
  • Law and Macroeconomics
  • Law, Economics, and Organization
Yair Listokin

Yair Listokin is Deputy Dean and the Shibley Family Fund Professor of Law at Yale Law School. His scholarship studies tax law, corporate law, bankruptcy law, contract law, and the law of central banking. His research emphasizes a macroeconomic perspective that differs dramatically from the microeconomic perspective that dominates law and economics. In his 2019 book, Law and Macroeconomics: Legal Remedies to Recessions (Harvard University Press), Professor Listokin argues that law offers an under-developed but desperately needed tool for stabilizing depressed economies when monetary and fiscal policy prove inadequate. Professor Listokin has been honored with a Milton Friedman Fellowship from the Becker-Friedman Institute at the University of Chicago and has served as a Visiting Professor at Columbia Law School, Harvard Law School, and NYU School of Law. His research has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Fortune, cnn.com, The Boston Globe, and Vox. In addition to his interests in law and macroeconomics, Professor Listokin studies the determinants of mental health in the legal profession.