The Decline of Medical Self-Regulation

Professor Thad Pope of Hamline University will be discussing the decline of medical professional self-regulation.

The event is Friday, March 28, at 12:10 pm in room 112. Lunch will be provided.

Professor Pope is also a national expert on medical futility and end-of-life decisions, and he'll be speaking about those issues at the medical school on Thursday at 4:30pm.

"The Decline of Medical Self-Regulation." In their classic Torts treatise, Prosser & Keeton observe that the law “gives the medical profession . . . the privilege, which is usually emphatically denied to other groups, of setting their own legal standards of conduct, merely by adopting their own practices.” But over the past decade, the medical profession has lost a significant amount of this self-regulatory power. Professor Pope will describe how and why the law has retreated from deference and delegation. Then, after responding to counterarguments, he will defend this move as good public policy.

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