Four Yale Law School Students Named as 2017–2018 Kerry Fellows

Four Yale Law School students are among the 12  inaugural Kerry Fellows who will be working with former Secretary of State John Kerry on leading-edge research and high-profile publications for a global audience, as part of Yale University’s Kerry Initiative. Founded in 2017, the Kerry Initiative is an interdisciplinary program that will tackle pressing global challenges through teaching, research, and international dialogue.

“The Kerry Fellows are bright, passionate individuals who are dedicated to making a difference through public service. As the next generation of leaders, they will be asked to develop solutions for the many global challenges we face,” says Kerry.

The Yale Law School students are Christopher Haugh ’18, Yume Hoshijima ’19 JD/MEM, Beatrice Walton ’18, and Zoe Weinberg ’20.

Christopher Haugh is a Yale Journalism Scholar, an Information Society Project student fellow, a Detroit Policy Fellow, and a graduate affiliate at John Edwards College. Yume Hoshijima is a third-year student in a four-year joint degree program at the Yale Law School and the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies. He focuses on a wide array of domestic and international legal issues relating to climate change. Beatrice Walton is a third-year student at Yale Law School, where she is a Herbert J. Hansell Student Fellow in international law and foreign relations at the Center for Global Legal Challenges and a member of the Yale Law Journal. Zoe Weinberg is a student director of the Center for Global Legal Challenges, an Associate Fellow of the Greenberg World Fellows Program, a member of the Rule of Law Clinic, and a board member of the National Security Group. She is also pursuing an MBA at Stanford Graduate School of Business.

The Kerry Initiative aims to leverage Kerry’s insights, experiences, and relationships on a global scale, collaborating with students and faculty from across the university and deepening the Yale experience to have greater interaction with the world beyond campus. In partnership with the Yale Jackson Institute for Global Affairs, the Kerry Initiative advances Yale’s long tradition of preparing the next generation of world leaders.