Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Galperin Receives FES Teaching Award

Josh Galperin, Director of the Environmental Protection Clinic, Lecturer in Law, and a Research Scholar at Yale Law School, was recently recognized with an award for excellence in teaching, research, and practice by the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Science (FES). The award was based on student nominations and voting among the graduating class.

The award recognizes Galperin's work making sure that students have the experience and the appropriate tools to engage with environmental policy programs in an interdisciplinary setting. During the award ceremony, officials at FES lauded Galperin for his enthusiasm and passion as well as his ability to help students think critically and gain valuable, hands-on experience in the field. 

"Josh is an incredible asset to our environmental law and policy program and is one the central links between the Law School and FES,” said Yale Law School Professor Doug Kysar. “He’s also a wonderful person who richly deserves this recognition." 

Galperin began his time working for Yale as the administrator for the Yale Center for Environmental Law & Policy. He later went on to lead the Environmental Protection Clinic at Yale Law School and oversee the joint environment-law degree program between FES and Pace, Vermont, and Yale law schools. 

Galperin is a graduate of Vermont Law School and received his M.E.M from Yale FES.

His research addresses the law of takings and just compensation, the law and policy of invasive species management, and the role of environmentalism and environmental advocacy in policymaking.