Gewirtz Publishes Article on Limits of Law in South China Seas

In an article, Potter Stewart Professor of Constitutional Law and Director of the Paul Tsai China Center Paul Gewirtz offers his perspective on the role law has to play in addressing the contentious claims to sovereignty and safe passage in the South China Sea, one of the world's most pressing geopolitical questions. As he writes: "The vast South China Sea has become one of the world’s most dangerous hotspots. Through words and deeds, six claimants including China contend for control over numerous small land features and resource-rich waters, with the United States also heavily involved because of alliances and our own security and economic interests. The great geopolitical question of our age, whether the United States as the established dominant superpower can co-exist with a re-emerging powerful China, sits on the sea’s horizon like a huge and taunting Cheshire Cat.”

Read the article in English or Chinese.