Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Gregory Fleming ’88 Honored by Yale Law & Business Society

The Yale Law & Business Society honored Gregory J. Fleming ’88 with the 2016 Annual Alumni Award on June 30, 2016 in New York City.

Fleming is a Distinguished Visiting Fellow, Senior Research Scholar, and Visiting Lecturer in Law at Yale Law School’s Center for the Study of Corporate Law, where he dedicates his time to reaching and studying issues of ethics in financial markets. He is a leading authority in the global financial services industry.

Gregory Fleming '88

Mr. Fleming has led a long and distinguished career on Wall Street, serving as President of Morgan Stanley Wealth Management and Morgan Stanley Investment Management, as well as President and Chief Operating Officer at Merrill Lynch, where he brokered the sale of Merrill Lynch to Bank of America.

Fleming received the award in recognition of his passion, integrity, and expertise in his industry, all qualities that have made him an outstanding role model to his students and to the Yale Law & Business Society’s membership.

At the reception, which was attended by nearly 200 YLS alumni, students and Fleming’s professional colleagues and friends, Fleming said he was honored to receive the award, particularly because it comes from the students.

“When I speak with students about financial markets, the global business community, major companies, I emphasize that what matters so much of the time are the individuals,” said Fleming. “Even in the technological world of today, people make history, and they are shaped by formative experiences across many years. The values developed form the foundation that guides us through the challenges in business, law, government, academia, and life.”

Fleming discussed his career and credited his high school baseball coach, Bernie Reimer, with teaching him the core values that led to success as a leader in the business world.

Albert Horsting ’18 (YLBS Co-President) and Marc Trevino ‘93 (YLBS Alumni Bd Chair)

“I remember when I was thrown out of a baseball game in Poughkeepsie, NY my senior year for arguing with the umpire,” recalled Fleming. “The boy who took my place made an error in the last inning — my team lost — and yet, Bernie didn't yell, he didn't single me out. He told us that we want to win as much as possible, we all are very competitive. But what is equally as important is how we carry ourselves, how we conduct ourselves, the integrity with which we approach the game, the values we stand for. Leaders must stay steady and set the example.”

Fleming concluded by noting how teaching has helped him share his insights and experiences with a new generation, something that has excited him in this new phase of his career.

Albert Horsting ’18, co-president of the Yale Law & Business Society, said the student group wanted to honor Fleming for his ability to weave together his principles and his work into a “seamless whole.”

"We wanted to honor Greg for his efforts to teach the next generation of corporate lawyers that restraint is a virtue and that prudence is sexy,” said Horsting. “He exerts his creativity and intelligence to help us find our way in the world."

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