Health Law Alumni and Students Connect at Solomon Center Event

Two people standing on the step of a tiered classroom have a conversation. Elsewhere in the room, others chat and eat breakfast.
People chat at a Solomon Center event during Alumni Weekend.

During the Alumni Weekend 2023, the Solomon Center for Health Law and Policy hosted its breakfast, giving alumni in health law a chance to connect with others in the field. The Oct. 21 was attended by health law alumni of all stages of their careers and in roles ranging from practicing doctors to policymakers to healthcare management professionals. 

The breakfast provided a venue for alumni to connect with each other and for current Yale Law School students interested in health law to discuss their career plans and paths. Conversation topics at the event represented the range and breadth of health law, from timely concerns like AI in healthcare, disability, and the role of doctors in advocating health law.

 Maggie Wang '25 talks to Medical Legal Partnership Legal Director James Bhandary Alexander. 
Students sitting at a table with coffee cups and plates of food as one talks.
Students Sahil Agrawal ’25 (left), Bea Brown ’25, and Trudel Pare ’25 chat over breakfast.
Three men gather stand around a desk.
Stephen Weiner ’68 (left), James Bhandary Alexander, and Jason Penzer ’95 meet.
Sol0mon Center Faculty Director Abbe Gluck ‘00 listens to a fellow alum.