Friday, June 26, 2020

How to Work with Our Allies on China Policy

In an article published by the Brookings Institution, Potter Stewart Professor of Constitutional Law and Director of the Paul Tsai China Center Paul Gewirtz argues that it is essential for the United States to work with our allies on foreign policy matters, including China, but that this will require complex diplomacy.  

Paul Gewirtz“We can’t work on a collaborative approach towards China unless we first understand how our allies see and act on their own interests,” Gewirtz argues in the piece.  “We need to be as clear-eyed as possible, not cherry-picking European viewpoints that match our own and misperceiving what collaborations with Europe are realistic.”

Using the recent EU-China summit as his jumping off point, Gewirtz suggests concrete priorities for collaboration with Europe that would significantly strengthen our leverage with China and also describes problems to be overcome in developing this important trans-Atlantic cooperation.

Read full piece at the Brookings Institution