Olivier Dutheillet de Lamothe to Deliver Sherrill Lecture on Feb. 17, Panel Discussion on Feb. 18

Olivier Dutheillet de Lamothe, a former Justice of the French Constitutional Council, will deliver the 2013-2014 Sherrill Lecture on Monday, Feb. 17, 2014 at Yale Law School. The talk will be titled “The Transformation of Judicial Review in France: From Corneille to Racine.” The lecture will take place at 4:30 pm in the faculty lounge.



During the lecture, Dutheillet de Lamothe will describe the transformation of judicial review in France, which has recently begun to review concrete cases and no longer is limited to the purely abstract assessment of statutes at the time of their passage. He argues that this transformation has been a tremendous success and explores the reasons why concrete review is better at protecting rights and liberties.

Olivier Dutheillet de Lamothe has shared his career between industrial relations and public law. He was “Rapporteur public” (General Advocate) at the Judicial Chamber of the Conseil d’Etat between 1981 and 1986. He was Director of industrial relations at the Department of Labour from 1987 to 1995. From 1995 to 1997, he served as Social Counsellor of the President of the Republic and Deputy General Secretary of the French Presidency between 1997 and 2000. Dutheillet de Lamothe was appointed Justice at the Constitutional Council in March 2001 where he served for a nine years term. In March 2010, he rejoined the Conseil d’Etat as the President of the Social Chamber. He has also been a Professor at the Institute of Political Studies in Paris.

A corresponding panel discussion on the Sherrill Lecture will take place the following day, February 18, 2014 at 12:15 p.m. The panel, titled "The French Revolution in Judicial Review," will feature Sterling Professor of Law and Political Science Bruce Ackerman '67, Robert R. Slaughter Professor of Law Jed Rubenfeld, and Alec Stone Sweet, Leitner Professor of International Law, Politics and International Studies. The panel will take place in Room 122 and lunch will be provided. RSVP to marianne.dietz@yale.edu.

The Sherrill Lecture features distinguished visitors with special expertise in international law and international relations.