Prof. Kohler-Hausmann to Receive Criminology Society Award

Issa Kohler-Hausmann ‘08, Associate Professor of Law, will receive the 2015 Outstanding Article Award from The American Society of Criminology at the society’s annual meeting on November 18. The award is for her paper “Misdemeanor Justice: Control without Conviction,” which appeared in the American Journal of Sociology.

The American Society of Criminology Outstanding Article Award, established in 2006, honors exceptional contributions made by scholars in article form. The award is given annually for the peer-reviewed article that makes the most outstanding contribution to research in criminology.

Kohler-Hausmann’s primary research interests are in criminal law, criminal procedure, empirical legal studies, tort law, sociology of law, and legal theory. Before coming to Yale, she was a Law Research Fellow at Georgetown University. Admitted to the New York Bar in 2009, she previously worked in solo practice and has been an associate with Ilissa Browstein & Associates. In her practice, she focused on felony and misdemeanor criminal defense, New York State freedom of information litigation, and parole matters. Kohler-Hausmann has been most recently published in the Stanford Law Review and the American Journal of Sociology, along with many other journals and books, and she has won awards for her writing from the American Sociological Association and the Law and Society Association. Her most recent publications focus on misdemeanor arrests in New York City and their use as a form of social control.