What Happens When AI Gives Medical Advice

A series of linked lines radiating from a circle representing artificial intelliigence

On Nov. 8, the Solomon Center for Health Law and Policy co-hosted Generative AI and Medical Advice, a talk by Visiting Professor of Law Claudia Haupt.

Haupt, Professor of Law and Political Science at Northeastern University, considered the introduction of predictive advice-generating algorithms (or “generative AI”) into the healthcare provider-patient relationship. Haupt, who is teaching public health law talk this term, also touched upon technology like decision-support software. 

Technological innovation in medical advice-giving is heavily regulated within a legal framework that exists to protect the values of the provider-patient relationship. The fundamental challenge for regulatory responses to technological innovation is to ensure that these values are served, Haupt explained.

The event was co-sponsored by the Information Society Project.