Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Yale Law School Community Reflects on Election

Following the presidential election, the Yale Law School community has been holding discussions to reflect on the important questions that have been raised during the campaign and analyze how law and policy will be shaped over the next four years.

Students, faculty, and staff convened last week to discuss the election and what it means for the nation and as participants in the world’s community. The event featured Dean Robert C. Post ’77 and Professors Muneer Ahmad, Amy Kapczynski ’03, Miriam Gohara, and Reva Siegel ‘86. During the gathering, students had the opportunity to hear thoughts from the panelists about how key areas of law and policy will change under a new administration. They also discussed constructive ways to engage on issues that matter to them.

This week, hundreds of students and faculty from throughout the University also met for a post-election workshop, a two-hour symposium aimed at addressing the potential ramifications of a new administration. The event featured breakout sessions on topics ranging from tax policy to immigration policy.

Future events on these topics are continuing to be scheduled at the Law School. 

Yale Law School faculty have also been commenting in the media about the election on topics ranging from national security to healthcare. For a list of the most recent mentions in the press, visit the Yale Law website

“It states the obvious to say that the campaign has exposed deep chasms that divide our country along many lines—race, national origin, gender, region, religion, class, and immigration status, among many others. These are questions that powerfully affect our YLS community,” said Dean Post. “At Yale Law School, we strive to foster a community that takes seriously the many choices that now face our nation. We discuss these matters with the gravity and respect they deserve.”