Yale Law School Mourns the Passing of Carroll Lucht

Carroll Lucht, a Clinical Professor Emeritus of Law and Professorial Lecturer in Law at Yale Law School, died on July 3, 2016. Over the course of his distinguished career, Professor Lucht has focused on disability law, poverty law, and refugee and asylum law. He received his B.A. and J.D. from the University of Nebraska and an M.S.W. from the University of Michigan.

Professor Lucht has worked with legal services organizations in Colorado, Nebraska, Georgia, and Iowa, where he was Clinical Professor of Law at the University of Iowa College of Law from 1981 until 1989, when he joined the Yale Law School faculty.

During his time at Yale Law School, he taught the Advanced Immigration Legal Services Clinic and the Community Lawyering Clinic. He also taught courses including, Advocacy for Detained Refugees, Advanced Community Lawyering, and Immigration Legal Service.

“Carroll was one of the pioneers of clinical education in America,” said Dean Robert C. Post '77.  “He cared deeply about his students, who in turn cared deeply about him.  He used the law to make the world a better place.”

In 2013, he won a joint Community Advocate Award with his colleague Professor Stephen Wizner for his dedication to serving New Haven’s most vulnerable communities. The award was given by JUNTA for Progressive Action, a New Haven-based non-profit serving the Latino and Immigration communities.

In 2009, the Arthur Liman Public Interest Program honored Lucht and other clinical professors who helped build the clinical program at Yale Law School during its annual colloquium. At that time, former students and current colleagues remarked on his calm and steady manner, his passion and dedication for helping those in need, and his ability to challenge colleagues and students to rise to every occasion.

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