December 10 Friday

Governing Conversations // Platform Governance: Trust and Transparency

  • Friday, December 10, 2021 at 2:00PM - 3:00PM
  • Online
  • Open To The Public
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Civil society and government stakeholders have very low trust in industry, based on repeated violations of the latter’s own promises. Concurrently, information asymmetry is an initial hurdle to both studying and proposing solutions for platform governance. However, as with everything in this space, the answer is rarely as simple as it may seem at first glance. Transparency, a necessary first step, may end up enabling bad actors, may inadvertently compromise privacy, and ultimately can become a substitute for meaningful policy change. Do systems need to be fully rebuilt in order to restore a sense of balance, or is that balance a red herring? Is the solution policy, tech, both, neither?

Hannah Bloch-Wehba, Associate Professor of Law, Texas A&M University
Woodrow Hartzog, Professor of Law and Computer Science, Northeastern University
Zahra Takhshid, Assistant Professor of Law, University of Denver

Governing Conversations is a new year-long series by the Yale Information Society Project and the NYU Digital Interests Lab, which aims to dive deeper into three crucial themes of technology governance: platform governance, accessibility and cybersecurity. Each theme will feature three events, and a co-sponsor with expertise in the space. Platform Governance, co-sponsored by the University of California Los Angeles Institute for Technology Law & Policy, will kick off in December 2021, on 12/10 at 2PM EST, with a conversation on Trust and Transparency. The following events for the Platform Governance theme will be on Self- and Co-Governance, and on Equity and Accountability in January 2022 and February 2022, respectively. The Accessibility and Cybersecurity themes will take place later in 2022. 

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