Overview of the 3L Public Interest Job Search

Mar. 27, 2023
12:10PM - 1:00PM
SLB Room 129
Open to the YLS Community Only

Finding a public interest job after graduation is not always as straightforward as it is in the private big law sector but understanding what kinds of jobs are potentially available and when different kinds of opportunities arise is an important starting point. Norma D’Apolito, CDO’s Public Interest Director, and Naomi Mann, CDO’s Public Sector Career Counseling Consultant will give a general overview of the 3L public interest job search process.  Topics will include the timeline for applying to positions, how fellowships fit into the process, government positions, clerkship gap years, and more. There will be time for students to ask questions at the end of the program. 

This program is best suited for current 2Ls, but 1Ls are welcome to attend to learn more about this process. 

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