Rewriting the Economy: Race, Gender, and Economy in LPE

Sep. 22, 2022
4:10PM - 5:30PM
SLB Room 128
Open to the YLS Community Only

Law and Political Economy (or LPE) is a “big tent” -- situating oneself and one’s work within the movement can be exciting, but also challenging. Getting started might seem especially difficult for scholars interested in race, gender, and/or other systems of domination, because most legal scholarship treats race, gender, and identity as ancillary or peripheral to “the economy.”  LPE directly opposes this vision, instead situating the economy within social and political hierarchies, which it both reflects and shapes. This event brings together Abbye Atkinson, Veena Dubal, and Amy Kapczynski, three LPE scholars in different fields (consumer finance law; labor law; and intellectual property and health law, respectively) to discuss different ways to incorporate race and gender into LPE work. The event will also include a Q&A session so that students can ask questions about their own efforts to think critically and write at these intersections.

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Law and Political Economy Project