Yale Journal on Regulation Information Session

Aug. 31, 2022
12:10PM - 1:00PM
SLB Room 127
Open to the YLS Community Only

Come meet the Editors-in-Chief and enjoy some Shake Shack while learning about the nation's top-ranked journal for administrative and corporate law. Please register on Yale Connect at this link: https://cglink.me/2dA/r1651950. If you’re already excited to join JREG, you can fill out the editor application here: https://forms.gle/1sG8caVrFuR1raWn8.

JREG is Yale Law School’s largest and highest-ranked specialty journal. We publish cutting-edge interdisciplinary scholarship by academics, practitioners, policymakers, and judges on topics ranging from corporate and administrative law to healthcare, finance, energy, utilities, tax, bankruptcy, antitrust, immigration, energy, information technology, and environmental law. We are the top-ranked journal in Administrative Law; Banking, Finance, and Insurance Law; Business, Corporations, and Securities Law; Commercial and Competition Law; and Government Law. We are also one of the premier student-edited forums for empirical legal scholarship. Learn more and read our latest issues at: www.yalejreg.com.

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Yale Journal on Regulation