Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Allison Turbiville ’15

My involvement with corporate law at the Law School has been primarily through coursework. I was an investment banker prior to attending law school and so was very interested in the diverse offerings that Yale Law School has to offer. In my first year, in my second semester, I took Business Organizations with Professor Macey, which was a very great foundational course. That gave me a building block to take other courses. In my second year, in the fall, I took Applied Corporate Finance with Professor Romano and then had the opportunity to do the Chirelstein Colloquium in Law and Business in the spring of my second year, which was a great opportunity.

I will remember most about my time here the wonderful conversations and interactions with my peers and with my professors. This is a wonderful community, very welcoming, and an amazing place to have studied the law.

A student perspective on corporate law