Monday, November 20, 2017

Hijacking Information Conference, Panel 2

The Center for Global Legal Challenges and the Information Society Project co-hosted a conference on “Hijacking Information: Software Vulnerabilities, Ransomware, and Law” on November 14, 2017, at Yale Law School. The second panel on “Ransomware and Cryptocurrency,” explored the proliferation of ransomware attacks throughout the world; the risk these attacks pose to hospitals, power plants, and other critical infrastructure systems; and whether the emergence of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency incentivizes malicious hackers to further create and spread ransomware. This panel was moderated by Ido Kilovaty (Cyber Fellow, Resident Fellow, YLS), and panelists included Kim Zetter (WIRED), Professor Scott Shackelford (Indiana University), and Professor Josephine Wolff (Rochester Institute of Technology).