Thursday, February 2, 2023

Thank you to our donors

As we begin the new year, I just wanted to Thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for the work that your philanthropy has supported. This year alone, we launched the biggest program in our history thanks to your help. The Tsai Leadership Program will train every one of our students for their last job, not just their first. We know that this is a generation that is inheriting impossible problems to solve. And thanks to you, we're going to be able to train them to solve them. 
Thanks to your support, we aren't just maintaining a best-in-class financial aid program. Remember, we're one of only two schools left in the country to give scholarships purely on the basis of need. But this year, we took a big step. We became the first law school in the country to give full tuition scholarships to students from below the poverty line. That means there are 51 students under the Hurst Horizon Scholarship Program walking these halls, knowing that this year is on us. 
Thanks to your support, our students and faculty have continued to do path-breaking work. Our academics have contributed to almost every debate taking place these days. And our clinics continue to rack up one victory after another. 
Our Veterans Legal Services Clinic brought a historic case regarding race discrimination within the military. And my clinic won a major victory in the opioids case, holding companies accountable for the harm that they inflicted. We did all of this with your help. 
Annual giving has always been the lifeblood of this school. It allows us to fund a safety net program for students' unexpected needs. It's enabled us to increase funding for students doing summer public interest work. It's enabled us to give a little extra support for the many students who are parents to help with their child care support. And it's allowed us to bring four new faculty members to New Haven. 
Every one of you has been part of this. Every gift at every level makes an enormous difference. We are so grateful for the support that you have provided to our students, to our staff and faculty, and especially for the future. You've made this place what it is and will ensure we will continue to be the place that you have always loved Thank you so much, and have a wonderful new year. 

Yale Law School is so grateful for the support that donors — like you — have provided to our students, staff, and faculty members. Please take a moment to view this video in which Dean Heather Gerken reflects on the impact of your generosity at Yale Law School.