Monday, May 23, 2016

What’s Next for Grads?

Conchita Cruz: Next fall I will be working with Swapna here as co-project directors for the Asylum Seeker Advocacy Project at the Urban Justice Center.

Jesse Boretsky: I’ll be clerking in Ottawa after graduation with the tax court of Canada. And afterwards I’ll be going back to my firm in New York to practice tax law.

Ying Hu: Okay, so during summer I’ll be going back to Singapore and to visit my parents in China. Next year I’ll be coming back to Yale as a JSD student.

Joe Masterman: I’ll be going to clerk in Kentucky, on the district court in Kentucky.

Christopher Lee: This summer I’ll be going back to Southern California to study for the bar and then start at Latham & Watkins, Orange County.

Marcella Coburn: This summer I’m working at the Department of Justice in the federal programs branch.

Ben Wallace: This summer I’m going to be home in Delaware studying for the Delaware bar, and then next year I’ll be in Ann Arbor, Michigan, clerking on the sixth circuit for Judge Kethledge.

Claudia Lu: For the summer, I will stay here for the bar exam preparation, and then I will go back to China to visit my parents. And then I will come back for the next semester to enjoy the JSD program.

Tosin Agbabiaka: Next year, I’ll be working for USAID Power Africa, investing in large-scale energy infrastructure on the continent.

Megan Braun: This summer I will be working for the solicitor general at the Department of Justice and studying for the Virginia bar. After that I will clerk in EDVA and then on the second circuit.

Avi Samarth: After graduation, I’ll be studying for the bar in Guatemala, and then I will be a public defender in the Bronx.

Seguin Strohmeier: This summer I will be studying for the bar and hanging out in New Haven.

Rebecca Crootof: Hi, I am Rebecca Crootof, and I am one of the first PhDs in Law, and I will be being the executive director of the ISP.

Molly Brady: And I am Molly Brady, another of the first PhDs in Law, and next year I’ll be an associate professor at the University of Virginia School of Law.

On the way to Commencement on Monday, May 23, 2016, we asked Yale Law School graduates what was next for them.