Details About the Application Process

Applications will be accepted from late October 2017 through February 28, 2018. Please note that we require applicants to submit applications through the LSAC electronic application service.


Credential Assembly Service (CAS) Subscription

Register for the CAS. Please note that it may take several weeks for LSAC to process your materials and send them to us.


Law School Admission Test (LSAT)

You must take the LSAT no later than February 2018. The test is administered several times throughout the year. The oldest score we will accept is June 2012.


Application Form and $85 Fee

We require applicants to submit their applications through the LSAC electronic application service included as part of a CAS subscription. If you require a need-based application fee waiver, please contact the Admissions Office.

Application Submission

Submit your entire application online through the LSAC electronic application. Please follow the instructions carefully. 

LSAC Electronic Application

Admission Details

YLS requires one 250-word essay on a subject of your choice. Faculty readers look to this essay to get a glimpse of your character, intellectual passions, analytical abilities, and writing skills. The choice of topic -- a personal anecdote or interest, an academic subject, or a current event -- can itself be illuminating.

We also require a personal statement that highlights aspects of your background that you believe will be of interest to the Admissions Committee. We are particularly interested in aspects of your background that may not be evident from other parts of your application.

You may also include a short addendum if there is an aspect of your application (such as a leave of absence) that you wish to explain further. Get Tips on writing your essay and personal statement on the Ask Asha blog.

We require, through the LSAC service, official transcripts from each college or university that you attended (including undergraduate and graduate).

We require two letters of recommendation from professors or employers who have worked with you, although we strongly prefer academic letters. You may submit additional letters, and many applicants choose to submit three letters. Your file will be deemed complete when two letters have arrived. We prefer to receive all letters through the LSAC Letter of Recommendation Service. Read more about recommendations from employers on the Ask Asha blog

View more details about Letters of Recommendation

If you are applying for financial aid, please have your FAFSA submitted to us by March 15, 2018. A Yale-specific financial aid application (FAAST) will be made available in the event an offer of admission is extended to you.

Get more details about Loan Forgiveness and financial assistance at YLS on the Ask Asha blog

You will receive notification from us when we receive your application and, again, when it’s complete and ready for review. You can expect a decision by mid- to late April. You may hear from us before April, but we aim to finalize all decisions by the end of April.

Get more details on the Ask Asha blog.

  • Receive, or expect to receive, by the summer of 2018, a bachelor’s degree (or the equivalent) from an approved college. All offers of admission are contingent upon graduation.

  • Take the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) no later than February 2018. The LSAT is administered several times throughout the year. The oldest score we will accept is June 2012.

  • Transfer Applicants and Visiting Students: Specific application requirements.

After an applicant is admitted, Yale Law School requires as a prerequisite to matriculation a Dean's Certification Form from each college or university degree program in which an applicant is, or has been, enrolled, regardless of whether a degree was awarded. More information about Dean's Certifications is included in the materials sent to admitted students.

Timeline 2017 - 2018

Aug. 28
Fall term classes begin; we recommend a visit

Late October
Yale begins accepting applications

Sep. 16

Dec. 2

Dec. 20–Jan. 16
Winter break

Jan. 16
Spring term classes begin

Feb. 10

Feb. 10
Last possible date to take the LSAT

Feb. 28
Last day applications are accepted

Mar. 15
Financial aid deadline

Mar. 9–Mar. 19
Spring break

Apr. 10–Apr. 30
Most decisions are made by mid- to late April

Apr. 23
Classes end

May 1
Deadline for deposits