Upcoming Events

January 24 Thursday

Corporate Power and Democracy

4:10PM to 5:30PM

Room 120

American democracy is in trouble. Economic inequality has hit record levels while our political system is increasingly and frankly oligarchic. Corporate power stands behind a radical refashioning of our laws from antitrust and labor regulations to free speech protections. Come hear five legal scholars in conversation about the challenges we face and the possibilities for democratic renewal.

Guest Speakers: Kate Redburn, Sanjutka Paul, Jed Purdy, and Kate Andrias. Moderated by David Grewal.


January 29 Tuesday

Drugs, Sex and Policy: How Fears about Sex and Drugs are Driving Bad Public Policy

12:10PM to 1:30PM

WLH 309 (100 Wall Street)

This event will feature harm reduction experts and advocates Cyndee Clay of HIPS and Evan Serio of the Sex Worker and Allies Network in a discussion on how fear-based narratives surrounding “sex” and “drugs” are shaping criminal legal and policy decisions affecting people who are engaged in selling sex, using drugs, and related activities.

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