Upcoming Events

October 31 Tuesday

Brown Bag: Zika’s Sexual and Reproductive Health Impact on Communities in Brazil and El Salvador

12:10PM to 1:15PM

YLS Room 122

In late 2015, Brazil captivated global attention with a surge in cases of Zika infection as well as babies being born with a condition known as microcephaply. Shortly thereafter, the WHO declared Zika a Public Health Emergency of International Concern. The disproportionate concentration of Zika in Latin American communities already experiencing marginalization along racial, class, and gender lines has brought to the fore questions about how governments address inequities and human rights in their responses.

November 7 Tuesday

Drug Pricing with Ted Lee a GHJP Brown Bag Event

12:10PM to 1:15PM

Room 111


Growing prescription drug prices are creating an unsustainable problem for patients’ pocketbooks and state budgets. Given intransigence on this issue at the federal level, over the past year the Global Health Justice Partnership (GHJP) has supported various state-level campaigns to rein in these prices.

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