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The YES Project Toolbox serves as a repository for resources intended to support youth, advocates, and researchers (including as these categories overlap) in work to advance mental health and wellbeing for LGBTQ+ youth.

Factsheets for Youth

These factsheets are intended to provide visibility, recognition and information to LGBTQ+ youth, particularly those involved in the child welfare system.

State of Knowledge Sheets

The State of Knowledge Sheets map current research on the needs, issues and structures facing LGBTQ+ youth in the child welfare system.

Developed through targeted landscape review of key issue areas, they seek to identify possibilities and challenges for future research, improved care and evidence-based advocacy to counter long-term structural drivers of the over-representation and inequitable outcomes across child welfare system engagement, experiences and outcomes; multi-system involvement; as well as inequities faced by LGBTQ+ foster and adoptive parents.

The State of Knowledge Sheets form part of our project on scoping interdisciplinary research and action on LGBTQ+ youth inequities in the child welfare system.


Our webinars share mental health, legal, and other information relevant to practice and advocacy; and invite a range of speakers across disciplines to provide participants with an overview of what we know, what we don’t know, and what we need to know in research and action to address key issues facing LGBTQ+ youth.

Our webinar on LGBTQ+ Youth & the Child Welfare System is available on the Center of Excellence website (free sign up or login required).

Webinars form part of the YES Project’s events, which can be viewed at our dedicated page.


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