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Mobilizing Health Justice Approaches to Ending Conversion Therapy

The YES Project works to promote health justice approaches in efforts to end conversion therapy, highlighting the importance of integrating health research evidence with commitments to principles of equal justice and human rights to inform action that addresses structural health disparities while ensuring that all people have the same chance to be free of hazards to health and live in a state of well-being.



Our analysis and recommendations seek to understand and underscore the scope, efficacy and broader impacts of ongoing efforts to regulate and restrict conversion therapy practices worldwide; and to draw particular attention to how these are impacted by the dynamics of specific places, jurisdictions, and movements, including transnational movements to both end and expand conversion therapy worldwide. 

We emphasize the specific role that professional guidelines and intentional professional self-governance strategies have in identifying specific choices at a practice level that give due weight to the ethical commitments and values of health care practice while helping build responsive, effective health systems that reject conversion therapy and support effective interventions to support the wellbeing of those who have been subjected to it. These are a necessary part of multiple methods and parallel efforts, including legislative and regulatory strategies, tactically combined to coordinate their strengths and limitations to address the full range of conversion therapy practices.