Yale College Multidisciplinary Academic Program in Global Health

The Global Health Studies Multidisciplinary Academic Program (GHS MAP) offers undergraduate students at Yale College the opportunity to engage critically and analytically in global health from multiple disciplinary approaches and perspectives. The GHS MAP supports students in developing and balancing an appreciation for biomedical and technical issues related to diseases, their treatment and prevention, with an understanding of the historical, social, economic and political concerns that are implicated in how health is determined and experienced in the 21st century. The program also exposes students to relevant research methodologies to develop their understanding of how knowledge in global health is constructed and how these approaches could inform their academic pursuits and future careers.

The GHS MAP is led and coordinated by Global Health Justice Partnership faculty, in partnership with the Global Health Studies Program Director (Kristina Talbert-Slagle), and with administrative and financial support from the Jackson Institute for Global Affairs. Synergies between the GHJP and the GHS MAP permit undergraduates better access to GHJP faculty and programming and provide additional opportunities for events, advocates in residence, and interdisciplinary learning.

The GHS MAP provides rigorous training in and engagement with skills and knowledge relevant to global health research and practice. Beyond the academic components, it also offers students the opportunity to build and learn from a rich, interdisciplinary community of peers, scholars, and advocates who convene and collaborate on social events, workshops, speaker series, and other extracurricular activities.

For information on GHS events, as well as the Global Health Scholars program (including application materials, program requirements and current Scholar profiles), visit the Global Health Studies at Yale College webpage.

Inquiries can be sent to Poonam Daryani, Global Health Studies Program Manager.