YES Project

Youth Equity Science

Fighting hate, preventing suicide and promoting LGBTQ youth wellbeing with Science + Law


The Youth Equity Science/YES Project is a collaboration between mental health and human rights experts to benefit lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) youth. YES’s aim is to promote LGBT youth equality, health and well-being and decrease health and wellness disparities associated with stigma such as suicide, bullying, family non-acceptance, and HIV/AIDS. YES’s goal is to promote the use of evidence-based knowledge in conjunction with human rights principles of health justice and equality to address such disparities. YES’s strategy is to create a platform for the translation of scientific research bearing on LGBT youth health and wellbeing into useful practices, programs and policies and law, and to serve as a mechanism to inform research that is relevant to such efforts. While the YES Project will focus substantially on the United States, it will also encompass laws, policies and programming outside the United States and transnationally.


YES Is a project of the Global Health Justice Partnership of Yale Law & Public Health Schools

A portion of YES Project funding will support the staffing work which makes the program possible


YES Statement on Covid-19 and Health Justice

The Covid-19 pandemic and increased revulsion toward structural racism and bias have brought much needed attention to intersecting issues of public health, social inequity, and health justice:

....epidemics put pressure on the societies they strike. This strain makes visible latent structures that might not otherwise be evident. As a result, epidemics provide a sampling device for social analysis. They reveal what really matters to a population and whom they truly value...*

This is true also for epidemics like HIV, LGBT youth suicide, and others. Addressing these intersecting issues is the heart of YES and GHJP's missions. We are committed to responding to the twin challenges of Covid-19 and festering bias as an opportunity for renewed societal commitments to health, justice and equity for all.

* Jones, David S. “History in a Crisis — Lessons for Covid-19” New England Journal of Medicine 4/13/20 382(18):1681