Health/Mental Health Crisis

If you (or a classmate) are experiencing a medical emergency or are in significant distress (suicidal ideation, self-harming, difficulty adjusting, suffering with a personal crisis, becoming socially withdrawn etc.):

  • Seek the nearest emergency room, or dial Yale Police at 203-432-4400, 911 or your local emergency response service for medical and ambulatory assistance. Yale Police can provide on-site assessment and referral to a mental health professional.

  • If you have an urgent concern, call Yale Mental Health & Counseling at 203-432-0290 or Yale Health Acute Care 24/7 at 203-432-0123 to discuss your concern and they can advise on next steps

  • If it is a matter related to sexual assault, sexual harassment, or intimate partner violence you may also contact the Sexual Harassment and Assault Response and Education Center (SHARE) at 203-432-2000

  • If you want to discuss your concerns generally, please contact one or more of the following:

Clinical Counselor Mia Wilson


Peer Advocates

When in doubt, please reach out to one of us!

Financial Concerns

Financial Aid: 203-432-1688


Office Hours: M-F 9-4:30

Legal Concerns

The following resources are available for graduate students with legal needs:

  • Ask-A-Lawyer:  Each month during the academic year volunteer lawyers are available for one-on-one consultations. These clinics are overseen by the New Haven County Bar Association Board of Directors and the Lawyer Referral Service Committee and take place on campus and at local public libraries.

  • Lawyer Referral Service: 203-562-5750 (M-F 9-4:30). All of the attorneys in the LRS are experienced private practitioners in good standing, have offices in the greater New Haven area and charge regular legal fees. 

  • Free Referral Service:  A list of lawyers who have agreed to offer free consultations and discounted services is available from the Yale Graduate School of Arts & Science (GSAS)

  • International Legal Problems: International students with a visa issue or similar international-student-specific issues can contact their OISS designated adviser at the Yale Office of International Students & Scholars. OISS advisers are experienced in handling these kinds of problems and can connect students with immigration lawyers. 

  • Landlord Disputes:  The Office of Off Campus Living mediates discussions between Yale students and their landlords.