Eight Dimensions of Wellness at Yale Law School

Yale Law School aims to support the holistic well being of law students through the Eight Dimensions of Wellness defined below:


Coping effectively with life and creating satisfying relationships.

Resources available at YLS to support your emotional wellness:


Occupying pleasant, stimulating environments that support well-being. 

Resources available at YLS to support your environmental wellness:

  • A wide range of facilities, including fully renovated and updated classrooms, serene courtyards, a dining hall, and a dedicated student lounge.
  • Many courses that permit students to take their exams in any location, in the YLS building or beyond, allowing you to work in the space most comfortable for you.
  • A location right in the heart of the Yale campus, allowing for easy access to the libraries, courtyards, and study spaces of other Yale buildings.
  • A private room for use by nursing mothers.


Satisfaction with current and future financial situations is a part of overall wellness and balance.

Resources available at YLS to support your financial wellness:

    • One-on-one counseling with the Financial Aid Office to discuss both current and future financial planning.
    • A series of lunchtime events with presentations from the Financial Aid Office, focusing both on managing your money while you are in law school, and creating an effective plan for after graduation.
    • One of the most generous loan repayment assistance programs in the country.


    Intellectual growth, recognizing creative abilities, and finding ways to expand knowledge and skills. 

    Resources available at YLS to support your intellectual wellness:

    • Almost 200 courses taught by more than 60 full-time faculty and dozens of visiting faculty, lecturers, and adjunct professors.
    • A low student-to-faculty ratio and an average class size of under 20 students.
    • Daily guest lectures and events with visiting experts and leaders in a broad array of fields.
    • Reference librarians available to help with legal research and using legal resources.
    • The ability to take classes outside of the Law School on any number of broad topics.


    Personal satisfaction and enrichment from one's work.

    Resources available at YLS to support your occupational wellness:

    • A broad array of classes, clinics, externships, extracurriculars, and independent study programs.
    • One-on-one counseling with the Career Development Office or Office of Student Affairs for career path guidance and academic planning. CDO offers specialists in various career areas that can help with almost any career goal.
    • Numerous YLS publications about various career options.
    • An extensive alumni network, including over 17,000 alums who have offered to discuss their career paths with current students.
    • A detailed survey of career satisfaction among YLS’s graduates so that students can assess which career choices may produce the best chances of a satisfying career.
    • A wide variety of career-related panels held throughout the academic year.


    Recognizing the need for healthy food, physical activity, and ample sleep.

    Resources available at YLS to support your physical wellness:

    • Healthy options in the dining hall, including fresh vegetables and fruit every day, plus a variety of vegetarian and vegan selections.
    • Free access to the Payne Whitney Gym (PWG), only a five minute walk from YLS.
    • Free fitness classes every Friday at PWG for law students only, such as yoga, boot camp, and more.
    • Intramural sports, such as softball, volleyball, and Frisbee, that offer students the opportunity to interact with the broader Yale student community.


    Developing a sense of connection and belonging, and to have a well-developed support system. 

    Resources available at YLS to support your social wellness:

      • A variety of social events designed to promote community among YLS students, faculty, and staff, for instance:
        • Community Picnics
        • Trivia Night
        • Student Recitals
      • Funding for over 50 different student groups and organizations, covering a wide variety of interests and activities.
      • Programs for first-term students that connect them with upper-level students, including Dean’s Advisors, Coker Fellows, and Peer Advocates
      • A Director of Student Affairs who work with students on a daily basis, and can help you connect with your classmates.


      Understanding and expanding your sense of purpose and meaning in life.

      Resources available at YLS to support your spiritual wellness:

      • Weekly free meditation sessions at YLS, many of which are led by a Level 2 certified ParaYoga® teacher.
      • Access to the Yale University Chaplain’s Office, a multi-faith organization that provides pastoral care, educates on faith-related topics, and hosts interfaith student groups and events.
      • A number of student groups that are centered on various religious faiths, which plan activities and events around religious holidays and on topics related to spirituality.