Current Issue

The current issue of the Yale Journal of Law & the Humanities features a conversation between Professors Guido Calabresi, Benjamin Shmueli, and Yuval Sinai about tort liability under the theories of Guido Calabresi and medieval Jewish law scholar Maimonides. The issue also includes an Article by Professor Anne Ralph on how practitioners can use narrative theory to draft more plausible complaints after the heightened pleading standards of Twombly and Iqbal, as well as a student Note by Isia Jasiewicz on current issues in appropriation art infringement cases.

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Volume 26, Issue 1 | Winter 2014


        Benjamin Shmueli & Yuval Sinai, Calabresi's and Maimonides's Tort Law Theories: A Comparative Analysis and a Preliminary Sketch of a Modern Model of Differential Pluralistic Tort Liability Based on the Two Theories

        Guido Calabresi, "We Imagine the Past toRemember the Future": Between Law, Economics, and Justice in Our Era and According to Maimonides

        Anne Ralph, Not the Same Old Story: Using Narrative Theory to Understand and Overcome the Plausibility Pleading Standard


       Isia Jasiewicz, "A Dangerous Undertaking": The Problem of Internationalism and Promise of Expert Testimony in Appropriation Art Infringement Cases