Advising from Orientation to Graduation

The Office of Student Affairs at Yale Law School helps law students navigate their legal education from Orientation to Graduation. 

We provide academic advising, support student groups and journals, promote student life and community building activities, and act as the primary resource for students who are seeking to find balance in their law school experience.

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Office Directions

The offices of the Student Affairs staff members is located on the Mezzanine Level of Ruttenberg Hall in Suite M85.

Exit the main building through the doors next to the L2 library entrance and head into the courtyard. Head left across the courtyard and enter the door immediately next to the bicycle rack (near the green metal sculpture). That's Ruttenberg Hall. Go up one flight of stairs -- that's the Mezzanine Level. Our office is on the right.


Take the staircase immediately to the left as you enter the main building from the 127 Wall Street entrance (where building services is located). Go up the first flight of stairs and enter the door on your left. Follow the hallway up a slight incline and past the clinical professors' offices to an open area with brick floors. Our office is straight ahead.

Student Affairs Programs

We understand that students arrive at Yale Law School with many different backgrounds and experiences, and it is our goal to ensure that the transition to Law School is as smooth as possible.  In doing so, we have put together a series of programs that seek to guide students through their first term and provide them with the information they need to best take advantage of their Yale education, both inside and outside of the classroom. We also have a variety of programs that focus on student mental health and wellness. Find more information about our Health and Wellness programs.

We recognize that these programs cannot possibly address all of the questions students may have during their time at Yale Law School, and welcome all students to stop by the Office of Student Affairs to talk about some of the more individualized questions and concerns people have.  If you’re not sure where to turn for help, please stop by our office.