Students with Disabilities

Campus Accomodations

Yale Law School seeks to accommodate students with disabilities, whether temporary or permanent, to enable them to participate fully in the University community.

Yale University’s Student Accessibility Services (SAS) provides a wide variety of services for Yale students with disabilities. The office works with all Yale students, including Yale Law School students, to facilitate necessary accommodations. All accommodations and services are individualized and based on students needs, course requirements, and appropriate documentation. Frequently requested accommodations include adaptive computer technology, classroom accommodations, and examination and testing modifications, among others. SAS works with the Registrar's Office to provide academic accommodations, OSA to provide accommodations for students outside of the classroom, and Dean Thompson for facilities-related accommodations such as elevator access or carrels for students with disabilities. Students should call the SAS office at 203-432-2324 to schedule a meeting to learn more about the accommodations process.

Accessible Transit Van Information

Yale Transit operates an Accessible Transit Van that transports members of the Yale community who are permanently or temporarily disabled. For more information and instructions for enrolling in this program, please see the Accessible Transit Van website

Testing Accommodations Request

Students interested in requesting testing accommodations for the bar exam should first review the bar examiners' website for the state where they plan on practicing. Each state has its own requirements and deadlines for requesting accommodations. Please note that these deadlines are frequently well in advance of other application deadlines. For assistance with bar exam accommodations, or any other questions related to disability accommodations, please contact Associate Dean of Academic Affairs Monica Maldonado.