Yale Law School has more than a dozen faculty members teaching courses in criminal law or related fields. Each professor approaches the coursework using different lenses—from constitutional to sociological to philosophical. Our faculty are also involved in many different aspects of the criminal justice system, with some having served as prosecutors or public defenders prior to teaching. Faculty also dedicate their time to criminal justice reform efforts through programmatic work both at and outside of the University.


Akhil Amar
Stephen L. Carter
Dennis Curtis
Mirjan R. Damaška
Fiona Doherty
Steve Duke
James Forman
Miriam Gohara
Dan Kahan
Issa Kohler-Hausmann
Tracey Meares
Judith Resnik
Jed Rubenfeld
Kate Stith
Tom Tyler
Gideon Yaffe
Steve Wizner
James Whitman