Veterans Education Success

Veterans Education Success

The Veterans Legal Services Clinic represents Veterans Education Success (VES), a D.C.-based organization, in its efforts to protect veterans against deceptive recruiting practices by predatory colleges. 

On behalf of VES, the Clinic produced a legal memorandum outlining the VA’s obligation to deny G.I. Bill funds to educational institutions that use deceptive or misleading practices to recruit veterans. The memorandum concludes that the VA has a clear, undisputable congressional mandate to disapprove funding to any educational program that deceptively recruits veterans. In February 2016, the Clinic traveled to Washington, D.C. to brief White House and Congressional staffers on the legal findings in the memorandum.

The memorandum can be found here.

Press Release (April 1, 2016)

Media Clips

Gardiner Harris, Veterans Groups Seek a Crackdown on Deceptive Colleges, The New York Times, May 21, 2016

Study Finds VA Fails to Protect Veterans From Deceptive Recruiting, Inside Higher Ed, April 4, 2016