Thursday, November 20, 2014

Anita Hill Visits Law School

On November 10, Professor Anita Hill (LAW ’80) spoke to a group of more than 200 law students, faculty and staff. The event was sponsored by Yale Law Women, the Black Law Students Association, the Women of Color Collective, the Arthur Liman Public Interest Program, and the Lillian Goldman Law Library.

The event also including a screening of the film Anita: Speaking Truth to Power. Professor Hill talked with students about sexual harassment, the intersectional experiences of racism, classism, and sexism, and the battlegrounds for equality today. Professor Judith Resnik, who was one of several law professors who provided assistance to Professor Hill in 1991, and Professor Reva Siegel joined the conversation. Throughout the discussion, Professor Hill reminded the audience of the need for institutional change to address sexual harassment and bias today; at the end, Professor Hill received a standing ovation.

Professor Hill also spoke personally to students about her experiences at Yale Law School, her experience with the Justice Thomas hearings, and her career as a law and policy professor. Remembering her time at Yale Law School fondly, Professor Hill brought with her a letter of support which she had received in 1991 from Yale Law Women.