Monday, January 14, 2008

Balkinization Blog Celebrates Fifth Anniversary

Balkinization has good reason to celebrate on the occasion of its fifth anniversary. The legal blog, founded by Knight Professor of Constitutional Law and the First Amendment Jack Balkin, has enjoyed tremendous success since it entered the blogosphere on January 13, 2003, racking up more than 3 million visitors and 4.5 million page views.

Unlike other blogs that provide entertaining commentary and gossip, Balkinization offers academic views about law and politics at a fairly high level. It began as a solo effort by Professor Balkin, dedicated to serious discussions of law and those aspects of politics that are closely connected to law and the Constitution.

“It soon became a group blog,” said Professor Balkin, “with a group of writers I think are second to none in the legal blogosphere. I am grateful to all of the wonderful people who have contributed to the blog over the years, as well as our many regular readers and commenters who have helped create an intellectual community.”

In the Winter 2007 issue of the Yale Law Report, Professor Balkin shared his thoughts on the legal blogosphere and how it’s changing the nature of legal discussion and legal education.

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