China Center Releases New Report on U.S.- China Policy with Brookings Institution

Yale Law School’s Paul Tsai China Center and the Brookings Institution’s John L. Thornton China Center have launched a major new report containing recommendations for the administration of President-elect Joe Biden regarding U.S. policy toward China. The report marks another successful chapter in the collaboration between the Brookings and Yale centers, which involves a range of activities to inform policymaking and public debates on U.S.-China relations.

In recent years, U.S.-China relations have grown increasingly rivalrous. The incoming administration will inherit a bilateral relationship in which areas of confrontation have intensified, areas of cooperation have shrunk, and the capacity of both countries to solve problems or manage competing interests has atrophied.

Future of U.S. Policy Toward China
To address these challenges, the incoming administration will need to develop new thinking on how most effectively to address the myriad challenges and opportunities of the U.S.-China relationship. Whether for strengthening coordination with allies on China, addressing security challenges, or advancing American interests in the areas of economics, technology, and rule of law, fresh ideas will be needed to adapt American policy to meet the competitive and complex nature of U.S.-China relations.

Read the report: The Future of U.S. Policy Toward China: Recommendations for the Biden administration

“This report is a major collection of essays about the future of U.S.-China relations authored by leading experts in every aspect of the field,” said Professor Paul Gewirtz, founder and Director of Yale’s Paul Tsai China Center. “We are proud to have worked with Brookings to present the incoming administration with timely, deeply informed, and actionable proposals to help advance U.S. interests and values in our relationship with China.” 

The report, edited by Ryan Hass, Ryan McElveen, and Robert D. Williams, draws upon the expertise and experiences of the two institutions’ scholars and other outside experts to compile an array of affirmative and pragmatic proposals for how the United States should adapt its policy toward China to respond to current realities in a manner that best protects and promotes America’s security, prosperity, interests, and values.

Founded by Professor Paul Gewirtz in 1999 as the China Law Center, the Paul Tsai China Center is the primary home for activities related to China at Yale Law School. The Center is a unique institution dedicated to helping advance China’s legal reforms, improving U.S.–China relations, and increasing understanding of China in the United States.