Ketan Ramakrishnan ’21 Joins Yale Law School Faculty


Ketan Ramakrishnan ’21 joined the Yale Law School faculty as an Associate Professor of Law on Jan. 1, 2023.

Ketan Ramakrishnan headshot
Ketan Ramakrishnan ’21

In addition to a law degree from Yale Law School, Ramakrishnan received a doctorate in philosophy from the University of Oxford. His teaching and research interests include torts, contracts, property, the ethics and governance of emerging technological risk, and foundational issues in moral and legal philosophy.

“Ketan Ramakrishnan is uniquely well equipped to join the other polymaths who do law and philosophy work at Yale Law School,” Dean Heather K. Gerken said. “He is a brilliant scholar who is sure to make a mark in his field.”

Ramakrishnan has written several important papers in moral philosophy and legal theory, including “Treating People as Tools” in Philosophy & Public Affairs. He is also the co-editor of two volumes, Principles and Persons: The Legacy of Derek Parfit and Ethics and Existence: The Legacy of Derek Parfit, both from Oxford University Press.