Report by Dan Kahan Surveys Science Video Audiences

Research by Elizabeth K. Dollard Professor of Law and Professor of Psychology Dan Kahan has helped Northern California public radio station KQED learn more about its audiences, and specifically, why more women weren’t watching its “Deep Look” science video series.

The series, which is produced by KQED and presented on YouTube by PBS Digital Studios, has 1.2 million subscribers and reaches millennials, an audience that PBS is eager to serve. But the percentage of women who watch the series is considerably lower than the percentage of men.

The first research report results stem from a national survey of 2,500 people conducted in June 2019 by Kahan.

READ THE REPORT: A Deep Look at Gender Disparity

KQED received a grant award from the National Science Foundation for the project Cracking the Code: Influencing Millennial Science Engagement. Kahan is among a team of academic researchers from Texas Tech University’s Science Communication and Cognition Lab and Yale Law School’s Cultural Cognition Project working in partnership with KQED on the project.