Stephen Preston Gives Talk at YLS

The Center for Global Legal Challenges and the Yale Law National Security Group hosted a lunchtime talk with Stephen Preston, former General Counsel of the Department of Defense on September 28, 2015. Mr. Preston spoke on a wide range of topics, including emerging threats to U.S. and global security interests, the crisis in Syria, the role of secrecy and transparency in national security law, and the mechanics of national security lawyering.

Prior to his appointment to the Department of Defense in 2013, Mr. Preston served as General Counsel of the Central Intelligence Agency. He has also served in the Department of the Navy and the Department of Justice and was previously a partner at a prominent Washington, D.C. law firm. For the fall 2015 term, Mr. Preston is co-teaching a course on wartime national security lawyering at Yale Law School with Professor Oona Hathaway.