Financial Aid Support

Yale Law School's financial aid policies and programs are designed to make it possible for students to pursue their legal education at Yale regardless of their financial circumstances.

Using a combination of loans and scholarship grants, we make every effort to provide students with the difference between their resources—such as family resources, summer earnings and student savings—and the cost of attending Yale. 70% of our student body received some form of financial aid in the 2017-2018 academic year. More than half (59%) of our students qualify for Law School scholarship grants, which are awarded solely on the basis of financial need. Using a combination of loans and grants/scholarships, we make every effort to provide students with the difference between their resources (such as family resources, summer earnings, and student savings) and the cost of attending Yale Law School.


Kath Xu ’20 talks about financial aid at Yale Law School.

FinAid Blog: Recent Posts

February 18, 2016
Laying Down The Law.. On The Results Of Our Cost Of Living Survey

Every year I write a blog post with the outcome of the COL survey and I am always trying to think of a new way to deliver these results. For this year, I decided to focus on something near and dear to all of you... the "Law"..
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January 7, 2016
This Season On The "Walking Dead" ... The Return Of Subsidized Loans For Graduate Students

In a prior blog post I formally laid to rest the federal Perkins Loan when it seemed after years of life support, Congress finally pulled the plug on this loan program.  But wait... in a "zombie-esque" moment the Perkins Loan seems to have risen from the grave...
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December 11, 2015
If You Build It... They Will Come (Unveiling The New "COAP Calculator")

So after my last blog post sharing online calculators that can assist you in every permutation of loan repayment, I realized I forgot to show case the MOST important online calculator of all... our new COAP Calculator.
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December 4, 2015
Recalculating.. Great Tools To "Navigate" Your Loan Repayment

Sad commentary on my professional life.. I get excited (okay maybe even "giddy") every time I discover a new online calculator that helps make loan repayment more understandable and easy.
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November 25, 2015
Play Ball.. Another Federal Loan Repayment Plan Steps Up To The Plate

There is no better example of "if at first you don't succeed try, try again" then our federal loan repayment program...
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Additional Financial Aid Resources

Yale Law School is committed to assisting our students in fully understanding the resources and options available to them to ensure a strong financial future.

Post-Grad Repayment

Yale Law School continues to support our graduates throughout their loan repayment process. Our office offers both current students and graduates individual counseling to ensure their financial future, as well as address the loan repayment process (Loan Repayment FAQs). Most significantly, Yale Law School has pioneered a loan repayment assistance program to allow students to take their dream jobs without worrying about their student loans: the Career Options Assistance Program (COAP). Established in 1989, COAP was one of the first loan forgiveness programs of its kind and, today, is one of the most distinctive, generous, and flexible loan forgiveness programs available at any law school. Learn more about the program.

Deadline to pay first term bill for Fall 2018 tuition and fees
Request for COAP Loan Forgiveness for second half of 2018 due
Deadline to pay second term bill for Spring 2019 tuition and fees
Request for COAP Loan Forgiveness for first half 2019 due
FAFSA and FAAST open for 2019-2020 applications
Summer Public Interest Fellowships (SPIF) Part I applications due
Application Deadline Incoming Students (FAFSA and FAAST)
Summer Public Interest Fellowships (SPIF) Part II applications due
Application Deadline Continuing Students (FAFSA and FAAST)
Deadline for Submitting All Additional Required Documents - New Admits
Bar loans must be approved by lenders to be COAP eligible
Deadline for submitting Notifications and Confirmation form accepting aid awards - Continuing Students


Award Packaging Parameters & Resources

Academic year financial aid consists of need-based grants and loans. The primary goal of our financial aid program is to ensure that all admitted students can afford to attend Yale Law School regardless of their financial resources. We determine the financial aid awards based on a budget of tuition and fees plus allowances for living expenses, books, etc.

The process of applying for financial aid differs for both new admit students and continuing students, as well as for those students only seeking loan support versus those seeking a full financial aid package of both loans and scholarships.

Financial Aid Office Sparks Conversation on Financial Literacy

The Financial Aid Office has a simple message for students trying to navigate the complex and ever-changing world of student loans—let’s talk.