Current Schedule

Kamel Center Program Spring 2019

February 8 (Friday) Symposium:  The Mind of Religious Scholars
Moshe Halbertal, New York University and Hebrew University, and Travis Zadeh, Yale University
February 19: The Quran’s Revisionist Reading of the Aqeda: Toward a Political Theology of the Reasonable and the Rational.
Mohammad Fadel, University of Toronto 
March 26: Secularislamized Law
Lena Salaymeh, Tel Aviv University
April 9:  Internationalism or Revolt against the West? Pan-Islamism and the Crisis of World Order
Cemil Aydin, University of North Carolina

Kamel Center Program Fall 2018

September 25: Philosophical Commentaries in Postclassical Islam:  A Theoretical Investigation

Asad Ahmed, Associate Professor of Arabic and Islamic Studies, Institute for South Asia Studies, University of California at Berkeley

October 23: Just, False and Discrediting Witnesses: Evidence in Sharia Courts

Brinkley Messick, Professor of Anthropology and MESAAS, Columbia University

November 9 (Friday): Fifty years after Marshall Hodgson and the Idea of a Discernible Islamic Civilization

9:30 am – 12:00 pm:  The interaction of Islam with other traditions, cultures, religions, and civilizations

Panelists: Ahmed El-Shamsy, University of Chicago; Carole Hillenbrand, University of Edinburgh; Richard Bulliet, Columbia University; Wael Hallaq, Columbia University

Moderator: Frank Griffel, Yale University

Keynote: David Nirenberg, University of Chicago

2:30 – 5:00 pm: Is the distinction between a “core” and a “periphery” within Islam a useful idea or an obstacle to understanding?

Panelists: Bruce Lawrence, Duke University; Intisar Rabb, Harvard University; Nile Green, UCLA; Richard Eaton, University of Arizona

Moderator: Hedayat Heikal, American University in Cairo

Unless otherwise noted, the Kamel Lectures begin at 4:15 pm in the Faculty Lounge