2019-2020 Schedule

2019-2020 Lecture Series

Fall 2019

September 17

The Islamic Enlightenment

Christopher de Bellaigue, Journalist

Special series:  What is Different in Islam’s Post-Classical Period? New Perspectives on Philosophy, the Sciences, and Ethics

October 15

What is Post-Classical Philosophy in Islam?
Frank Griffel, Yale University

October 22

Contradictions and Ambiguities—The Method of Post-Classical Philosophy in Islam
Frank Griffel, Yale University

October 29

Transcending Character: The Place of Virtue in Post-Classical Sufi Ethical Commentaries
Cyrus Zargar, University of Central Florida

November 5

Cosmic Order and Natural Law in Islamic Science
Robert Morrison, Bowdoin College

Spring 2020

February 4

Caliphal Tribunals and Anarchical Fallacies: Medieval Arabic Petitions from the Cairo Geniza
(room 128) Marina Rustow, Princeton University

February 18, 25, and March 3

Special Series by Bernard Haykel of Princeton University on the Modern History of Saudi Arabia

March 24

Re-writing the History of Islamic Law: Shiism and the Problem of Legal Orthodoxy
(room 128) Robert Gleave, Exeter University

April 7

The Language of Authority in early Islam: the evolving meanings of the term Sultan
Hugh Kennedy, SOAS University of London