The current work of the CRIT program

CRIT's faculty, staff, students and affiliates work to achieve greater transparency and integrity in medical product regulation by pursuing coordinated legal, policy and research strategies. The cross-disciplinary nature of our organization is a strength.


Research Work

CRIT has an active research program focused on integrity and transparency in medical product regulation.


Legal Work

CRIT's attorneys work in conjunction with Yale Law School faculty members and students in the Media Freedom & Information Access Clinic to pursue legal interventions that advance integrity and transparency. Legal projects are coordinated with public health and medical faculty to ensure that the litigation is timely and that legal work is scientifically accurate and relevant.


Policy Work

CRIT's policy agenda is focused on providing timely, accurate information that advances integrity and transparency to policy makers, scientists, and members of the public. Our policy work includes participation in advisory groups, academic writing, development of white papers, commentaries in the popular press and scientific journals on key issues involving transparency and integrity, and development of educational materials.