The Legal Theory Workshop presents new scholarship from law and other humanities and social sciences disciplines. Participants in the Legal Theory Workshop should read the paper for each session in advance, as there is no presentation. To receive a copy of the paper, please contact Monika Piotrowicz.


2022–2023 Schedule

Fall 2022:

September 1 — William Novak, Michigan (Law)

September 15 — Talha Syed, Berkeley (Law)

September 29 — Daniel Ziblatt, Harvard (Department of Government)CANCELED      

October 13 — Olúfẹ́mi Táíwò, Georgetown (Philosophy)                                 

October 27 — Renée Jorgensen, Michigan (Philosophy) 

November 10 — Richard Ekins, Oxford (Law)


Spring 2023:

January 19 — Nicholas Mulder, Cornell (History)                                

February 2 — Teresa Bejan, Oxford (Department of Politics and International Relations)

February 16 — Christopher Lewis, Harvard (Law) and Adaner Usmani, Harvard (Sociology)                                

March 2 — Natasha Wheatley, Princeton (History)                             

March 16 — Adom Getachew, Chicago (Political Science)                     

March 30 — Martin Loughlin, London School of Economics (Public Law)    

April 13 — Gabriella Coleman, Harvard (Anthropology) 

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