The Legal Theory Workshop presents new scholarship from law and other humanities and social sciences disciplines.


2021–2022 Schedule

Fall 2021:

September 9 — Yongle Zhang, Peking University (Law)

September 23 — Brandon Terry, Harvard (African and African American Studies and Social Studies)                     

October 7 — Margot Canaday, Princeton (History)                                 

October 21 — Devon Carbado, UCLA (Law)    

November 4 — Jonathan Ira Levy, University of Chicago (History)    

November 18 — Katrina Forrester, Harvard (Government and Social Studies)


Spring 2022:

January 27 — Greta Krippner, University of Michigan (Sociology)

February 10 — Daniel Ziblatt, Harvard (Center for European Studies) [session postponed to Fall 2022]

February 24 — Ran Hirschl, University of Texas at Austin (Government and Law)                               

March 10 — Elizabeth Popp Berman, University of Michigan (Organizational Studies) Canceled.

March 31 — Dorothy Roberts, University of Pennsylvania (Law and Sociology)                               

April 14 — Kate Masur, Northwestern University (History)

Upcoming Events

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