Legal Theory Workshop

The Legal Theory Workshop presents new scholarship from law and other humanities and social sciences disciplines. Participants in the Legal Theory Workshop should read the paper for each session in advance, as there is no presentation. To receive a copy of the paper, please contact Monika Piotrowicz.

2023–2024 Schedule

Fall 2023

September 14 — Sherif Girgis, University of Notre Dame (Law)

September 28 — Deborah Hellman, University of Virginia (Law)

October 12 — Alex Gourevitch, Brown University (Political Science)

October 26 — Rahel Jaeggi, Humboldt University of Berlin (Philosophy)

November 9 — Saule T. Omarova, Cornell University (Law)

November 30 — Emmalon Davis, University of Michigan (Philosophy)


Spring 2024                                                   

January 25 — Ngoc Son Bui, University of Oxford (Law) Cancelled

February 8 — Ryan Doerfler, Harvard University (Law)

February 22 — Laura Adler, Yale (School of Management)

March 7 — Ellis Monk, Harvard University (Sociology)

March 28 — Lauren Benton, Yale University (History)

April 11 — Yao Yang, Peking University (China Center for Economic Research)