2019-2020 Schedule

2019-2020 Schedule

Fall 2019

August 29                   Katherine Franke, Columbia (Law)

September 26             Julie Cohen, Georgetown (Law)

October 10                  Daron Acemoglu, MIT (Economics)

October 24                  Martha Nussbaum, University of Chicago (Law and Philosophy)

November 7                Mario Small, Harvard (Sociology)

November 21              Katharina Pistor, Columbia (Law)

Spring 2020

January 23                  Katrina Forrester, Harvard (Government and Social Studies)

February 6                  Branko Milanovic, CUNY (Graduate Center, Stone Center on Socio-Economic Inequality)

February 20                Nancy Fraser, New School for Social Research (Political and Social Science)

March 5                       Stephen Sachs, Duke (Law)

March 26                     Danny Dorling, Oxford (School of Geography and the Environment)

April 9                         Brandon Terry, Harvard (African and African American Studies and Social Studies)