2007 - 2008 Schedule

Fall 2007


September 6 Bo Rothstein, Goteborg University (Political Science) Paper
September 20 Scott Shapiro, University of Michigan (Law) Paper Cover Note
October 4 William Galston, University of Maryland (School of Public Policy) Paper
October 18 Liam Murphy, NYU (Law) Paper
November 8 David Dyzenhaus, University of Toronto (Law) Paper
November 29 Bonnie Honig, Northwestern University (Political Science)
December 13 Susan Wolf, University of North Carolina
(Philosophy) Paper



Spring 2008


January 31 Stephen Darwall, University of Michigan (Philosophy) Paper
February 28 Kwame Anthony Appiah, Princeton University (Center for Human Values) Paper
March 13  W. Bradley Wendel, Cornell University (Law) Paper
April 3 Robert Frank, Cornell (School of Management) Paper
April 10 Nancy Fraser, The New School for Social Research Paper
April 17 Randy Barnett, Georgetown (Law) Paper
May 1 David Wilkins, Harvard (Law) Paper