2015, Private Law and Public Order

The inaugural Seminar in Private Law took place in the 2015 Spring Term. The Seminar examined the relationship between Private Law and Public Order. The papers took up the connections between private and public legal arrangements with a special emphasis on the role played by private law in sustaining public rights and social stability in open, cosmopolitan societies.

The speakers were:

February 5: Henry Smith (Harvard Law)

February 26: John Goldberg (Harvard Law) & Benjamin Zipursky (Fordham Law)

March 5: Richard Brooks (Columbia Law)

March 26: Rebecca Stone (UCLA Law)

April 2: David Owens (Reading Philosophy)

April 23: Hanoch Dagan (Tel Aviv, Law) & Avihay Dorfman (Tel Aviv, Law)


On June 5-6, the speakers reconvened for the Symposium on Private Law and Public Order.