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May 24

Postmarketing requirements: descriptions short & often lack info on key design features. "There are numerous opportunities to continue to enhance transparency @US_FDA" new blog by @JoshuaDWallach @jsross119 and @bmj_latest paper


https://t.co/31RrW0Nd02 https://t.co/7vVbZbubPP

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May 18

Evaluating the evidence used by the US Food and Drug Administration during the drug approval process: "There is a lot of uncertainty when it comes to surrogate markers". New blog post by @JoshuaDWallach & @jsross119 (on BioMed Central Blogs Network)

https://t.co/Y1Ork955x9 https://t.co/47iT7F4TWr

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Apr 9
@Yale_CRIT -
Apr 9

RT @JoshuaDWallach: Register today for a 1day symposium @YaleSPH (4/16/18): Improving #Reproducible #Research Practices in Schools of Publi…

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Mar 21

New article by @Yale_CRIT's @JoshuaDWallach @jsross119 @gregggonsalves @hmkyale et al "highlight[s] the potential problem in the estimation of the magnitude of treatment effects of drugs that are approved based on surrogate markers of disease" https://t.co/NhRUicxZux

CRIT Program Mission Statement

To promote health by improving the integrity and transparency of biomedical and clinical research

About the CRIT Program

The Collaboration for Research Integrity and Transparency (CRIT) is an inter-disciplinary initiative launched in 2016 to enhance the quality and transparency of the research base for medical products. Through research, advocacy, and litigation, CRIT is focused on ensuring that the clinical evidence that supports and informs our understanding of the safety and effectiveness of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and other medical products is accurate, comprehensive, accessible, and reliable. The lack of transparency and integrity in clinical research has had serious consequences for patient and clinicians. Current legal structures and research practices are not adequate and efforts to understand and improve clinical research transparency and reporting are needed.

By influencing stakeholders engaged in the clinical research process and in translating these findings for clinical care, CRIT will focus and magnify the impact of our and others’ scholarship, policy analysis and legal action, advancing the field of research integrity, open science, and informing public discourse.

CRIT aims to

  • Achieve a legal and regulatory environment that promotes rigorous clinical research and supports regulatory and clinical decisions that are grounded in high-quality research and accessible data and results.
  • Strengthen the integrity of research of medical products by ensuring that data is both rigorous and reliable, and by facilitating public access to and independent analysis of clinical trial data and results.
  • Conduct legal, public health and health policy research that identifies strengths and weakness of our existing system for facilitating evidence generation and transparency, and developing and evaluating alternative approaches
  • Provide the public and key policymakers with tools that enhance and facilitate open access to data, research results, and other relevant information about medical products.



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