List of Student Organizations

Student Organizations

The list of student organizations changes every year, based on the activities and interests of current students. The Law School provides a budget, shared storage space, and administrative resources to approved student organizations.

Students should view the Office of Student Affairs portal in YaleConnect for guidelines and procedures for getting involved in various student activities, including student organizations.

Please note that the information contained on the websites of any Law School student organizations do not represent official statements or views of Yale Law School.

The Alliance for Diversity (AfD) coordinates efforts by affinity groups and all students interested in promoting diversity at YLS and improving the law school experience for groups currently underrepresented at this law school and in the legal profession.

The American Constitution Society (ACS) aims to foster community-wide discussion on progressive issues in law and to provide a forum for the Yale Law progressive community.

The Asian Pacific American Law Students' Association (APALSA) serves the interests of its membership by fostering a community within the law school and strengthening ties in the broader Asian Pacific American legal community.

The Black Law Students’ Association (BLSA) is a group of students committed to the advancement of African Americans inside and outside of YLS.

The Capital Assistance Project (CAP) matches YLS students with public defenders from around the country to provide research support for capital defense work.

The Catholic Law Students’ Association (CLSA) is a group of Catholic law students offering a Catholic perspective to legal issues and a welcoming and supporting environment for all.

The Clinical Student Board (CSB) supports clinical faculty and students to provide enriching educational experiences, build healthy and equitable professional dynamics, navigate clinical fieldwork and direct services work, and connect clinics across the law school. CSB seeks to offer concrete training opportunities and community resources for clinical students, including individualized support, advocacy around Clinical policies and practices, a Fall clinic fair, and semesterly Clinic Guide.

The Dred Scott Society is a group for all students of color (BIPOC & PGM) who identify as being descendants of oppressed, colonized, segregated, and enslaved peoples. 

The Disabled Law Students Association (DLSA)'s aim is to foster a sense of community and increase the legal profession’s accessibility and cultural competency surrounding disability, mental health conditions, and the like. We provide individualized support to our members in accessing accommodations and ensuring their needs are being met at the law school, in internships, and across other contexts. 

The Election Law Society (ELS) introduces speakers and events with election law scholars and practitioners to the YLS Community. It brings events on topics in election law, including campaign finance and voting rights issues to YLS students and offer a reading group on election law topics each semester.  

First Generation Professionals (FGP) is an affinity group at Yale Law School for students who are the first in their families to go to professional school or who are from a working class or lower-income background.

The Green Haven Prison Project meets with a group of prisoners dedicated to self-improvement at the Green Haven Correctional Facility. Every other week we have a shared seminar with the prisoners discussing current issue of political or personal interest.

The If/When/How: Yale Law School chapter is dedicated to further reproductive justice through education, events, and policy advocacy on and beyond campus.

The Immigrant Justice Project (IJP) uses its remote representation model - originally developed to represent families while detained - to represent families in immigration courts nationwide. IJP focuses on regions with few or no legal aid lawyers, using innovative methods and harnessing the talent of law student volunteers to scale efforts and expand pro bono capacity.

The International Community @ YLS (InCo) is the home for all international and foreign students and scholars at Yale Law School—a diverse, vibrant, and welcoming community for all of us who have another home that happens to be outside of the United States. InCo fosters a sense of belonging and support for its members and creates a platform for representation of internationals at Yale Law School.

The International Refugee Assistance Project (IRAP) provides direct legal services to refugees seeking resettlement in the United States. Student teams, paired with pro bono attorneys from private firms, prepare a wide range of visa applications and appeals for clients fleeing persecution.

The J. Reuben Clark Law Society serves members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) and all others interested in the strength brought to the law by a lawyer’s personal religious conviction.

The Latinx Law Students’ Association (LLSA) supports Latinx students at YLS primarily by providing professional and academic mentorship, organizing speaker events with Latinx alumni and practitioners, and holding social events.

The Law and Political Economy Group aims to foster an intellectual community for students, faculty, and members of the Yale community that are interested in articulating more democratic and egalitarian frameworks in legal thought.

The Lowenstein Human Rights Project matches small teams of students with human rights organizations, other public interest NGOs, and governments to work on specific research, writing, and advocacy projects concerning human rights issues.

The Marshall-Brennan Constitutional Literacy Project is a national civics education program that sends law students into public high schools to teach courses in constitutional law and oral advocacy. These courses focus primarily on educating high schoolers about their constitutional rights.

The Middle Eastern and North African Law Students’ Association (MENALSA) provides a forum for engaging the Yale Law School community on the legal, political, social and cultural realities of the peoples of North Africa and the Middle East.

The Morris Tyler Moot Court of Appeals competition takes place each semester at Yale Law School, providing an opportunity to prepare briefs and present arguments before professors and judges on pending Supreme Court cases.

Motions invites students to engage their minds and bodies to engage and movement and dance.

The Muslim Law Students’ Association (MLSA) serves as a vehicle for gathering Muslims and others interested in learning about Islamic legal issues, and issues of concern to Muslims and other minorities.

The National Lawyers Guild (NLG) is dedicated to the need for basic change in the structure of our political and economic system.

The Native American Law Students’ Association (NALSA) is dedicated to providing personal, professional, and cultural support to Yale’s Native American law students and fostering a community among all law students who are interested in Indian legal issues.

Older Wiser Law Students (OWLS) will foster a supportive community for students who have taken significant time off prior to law school, are transitioning into second careers, are married and/or parenting, or view their academic path as nontraditional.

OutLaws is an organization of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) members of the law school. Our main goals are to provide a community for LGBTQ-identified people within YLS and to advocate for LGBTQ issues both at YLS and beyond.

The Paul Tsai China Center Student Board is associated with the Paul Tsai China Center, the primary home for activities related to China at Yale Law School. Students on the Student Board work with the Center’s fellows and visiting scholars on events and research projects aimed at advancing China’s legal reforms, contributing to the development of U.S.–China relations, and increasing understanding of China in the United States.

Public School Graduates (PSG) creates a space for graduates of public institutions of higher education to network, share experiences, and combat the imposter syndrome that often comes with being a product of public education.

Qui Transtulit Sustinet (QTS) is a student organization that seeks to foster a safe space and to create a sense of community for transfer students at YLS.

The Rebellious Lawyering Conference (RebLaw) is the nation's largest student-run public interest conference. Every year the conference brings together practitioners, law students, and community activists from around the country to discuss progressive approaches to law and social change.

The South Asian Law Students’ Association (SALSA) provides those interested in South Asian culture at Yale Law School a space to gather, create support networks, and form communities. We hope to instill awareness of the role of law students as future leaders who understand, care about, and support the history and concerns of the South Asian community.

Tax @ YLS is an organization aimed at providing community for students interested in tax law, or in pursuing a career in tax. 

The Temporary Restraining Order Project (TRO Project) staffs an office at the New Haven courthouse to assist individuals seeking temporary restraining orders. Students assist with completing paperwork and follow up to ensure that TROs are served and applicants return for their hearings.

The Thomas Swan Barristers' Union provides students the opportunity to learn trial advocacy skills in an educational, fun, and competitive environment. Students act as attorneys and simulate jury trials.

Trans at YLS (T@YLS) aims to support the trans community at YLS by creating safe spaces, connecting members, and advocating for our needs.

The Women of Color Collective (WoCC) is a group for women of color. We provide social support, mentorship, and community.

The Yale Animal Law Society, aka Student Animal Legal Defense Fund, works to reduce animal suffering by advocating for anti-cruelty legislation, providing resources on animal law, and reaching out to the law school community. We welcome all who are interested in developing legal strategies to protect animals.

The Yale Civil Rights Project is a support organization for students pursuing independent projects related to civil rights in the areas of civil liberties, critical race theory, economic justice, LGBTQ rights, racial justice, and women's rights.

The Yale Creative Society (YCS) provides a space and a community for aspiring writers and creators of all kinds at the Yale Law School.  

The Yale Entertainment and Sports Law Association (YESLA) endeavors to expose members and the broader YLS community to important legal topics in the Sports and Entertainment industries. 

The Yale Environmental Law Association (YELA) creates a community for students interested in environmental law by hosting events with exciting speakers, providing information about opportunities in the field, and facilitating on-campus activism.

The YLS European Law Association is an association of Yale law students of all programs and scholars interested in European legal and political issues. 

The Yale Federalist Society is a group of conservative and libertarian students committed to promoting the rule of law as a vehicle for the protection of liberty and independent thought. To enrich the academic environment and further the free exchange of ideas, the Federalist Society hosts debates and invites challenging speakers on a range of law and policy topics. The organization also assists its members in their personal, professional, and intellectual development.

The Yale Food Law Society (FoodSoc) is a nonpartisan community that promotes the study of and engagement with food and agriculture law and policy. FoodSoc advocates an approach that is economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable.

The Yale Health Law and Policy Society (YHeLPS) organizes health-related programming at YLS. We invite speakers, plan networking events, organize experiential learning opportunities, and coordinate with health organizations throughout Yale University.

The Yale Jewish Law Students’ Association (JLSA) is an affinity group that organizes and hosts academic, cultural, religious, and social events including Shabbat and holiday meals, faculty dinners, and lectures.

The Yale Law & Business Society (YLBS) serves as a platform for students at YLS interested in corporate law, business, entrepreneurship, corporate social responsibility, and regulation.

The Yale Law and Philosophy Society (YLPS) aims to serve as an informal social forum and point of intellectual exchange for all students interested in the intersection of law and philosophy.

The Yale Law & Technology Society (TechSoc) is a nonpartisan organization that fosters Yale's growing community, debate, and scholarship at the intersection of law and technology.

The Yale Law Christian Fellowship (YLCF) is an open community of Christians aiming to serve and love God and each other, and to demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ to the community around us.

The Yale Law School Defenders (DefSoc) is a group of students interested in public defense and committed to building community support for public defense at YLS.

The Yale Law Democrats is a group for progressive students interested in policy, elections, and governing. We work to create opportunities for students to become involved with Democratic campaigns and policy work at all levels of government.

The Yale Law National Security Group (NSG) aims to foster a non-partisan community focused on national security and foreign policy within the law school. Founded in 2013, the NSG is open to all members of the law school community.

The Yale Law Republicans facilitate connections between students and conservative campaigns and Republican officials, both elected and appointed. We sponsor speaker and internal events.

Each spring, the Yale Law Revue put on a comedy "Revue" for the whole law school to attend, which consists of live and filmed sketches, musical numbers, and more.

The Yale Law Students Against Wrongful Convictions aims to help remedy, prevent, and increase public awareness of convictions that violate the precept of proof beyond a reasonable doubt, fair trial rights, or the other procedural rights of criminal defendants.  

Yale Law Students for Climate Accountability (YLSCA) aims to hold the top 100 law firms accountable for their role in the climate crisis and to build a legal profession committed to ensuring a just and livable future.

The Yale Urban Law & Policy Society is a nonpartisan organization that promotes engagement with urban legal issues and local government.

The Yale Law Veterans Association represents the interests of current and former members of the military at Yale Law School.

Yale Law Women (YLW+) works to advance the status of women at YLS and in the legal profession at large. We create programming, resources, and mentorship opportunities to bolster women's pursuit of their professional and personal goals